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Intro to . . .

Polly Parker’s Dream Alone


Polly Parker went to bed.

She settled down her sleepy head.

A rest so soft.

On pink pillows.

She dreamed above in cloud billows.


Dreamed of candy.

Gumballs too.

Dreamed her dreams the whole night through.

Dreamed until the morning came . . .

The Polly’s life was NOT the same.

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 from . . .

The Adventures of Lenny Turtle


Old Mother Nature grabbed a chair.

She sat and sipped in cool blue air.


She smiled and winked her soft blue eyes.

The air was filled with butterflies.


She wore white flowers in her hair.

The smell of roses filled the air.


She snapped a beat.

She rocked her chair.

She swung her long brown curly hair.


A red bird sang into her ear.

She turned her head around to hear.


A sweet bird song as smooth as silk.

It made her laugh.

She sipped her Milk.


She sipped two sips and then she said . . .

"Thank heavens I can rest my head . . .


 Thank heavens it's a bright blue day.

 I can't handle rain or snow today.


 For rain's too wet.

 And snow's too cold.

 I need a rest.

 I'm much too old.


I'm tired of those big old clouds . . .

And that Rain Man is much too loud.


His lightening bolts make too much noise!

He's much too mean for girls and boys.


I'm sick of frozen snow frostbite.

I need some rest out here tonight.


I need a rest out in the stars . . .

Thank heavens for Old Haley's Bar."

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from . . .

Two Turtle Boys Out on the Sea


Two turtle boys out on the sea.

One sound asleep.

One sipping tea.


A noon-time nap for Turtle One . . .

While Turtle Two sipped in the sun.

Two friends at sea.

Sea floating fun.  


Two happy boys in floating shells . . .

The sea so calm.

The day was swell. 

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. . . from

Old Witch Blinda on Smeltzburg Hill 

Her hands wore stones on witch’s rings.
She waved the air like two bat wings.

  Her fingers long.
  So green and stiff.
  The folks in town remember this.

    Blue ribbons flowed from her black hat.
    The folks in town remember that.

      Her purple dress.
      She stood so tall.
      It’s what some folks here most recall.

Her shark tooth earrings were a sight.
Her gold front tooth shone yellow bright.

  Green fingernails to match her eyes.
  She waved and grinned in bright blue skies.

    She wore old black heeled long blue boots.
    From head to toe a witch’s suit.

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... opening for
Betty Bomber
meets the Witch!!!!!

Betty Bomber wore
blue beads.
Blue beads are things that Betty needs.

  Blue beads she purchased by the box.
   She sewed blue beads on blue bead socks.

Blue beads were hooked within her hair.
She hooked and sewed beads everywhere.

But her blue beads . . .
not enough! 
She wanted
                           Betty was tough

She grabbed to
      More beads for her!!!!!!!!!!
            She grabbed . . .
                            She caused a stir.

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